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Premade Blog Designs - $15

Premade Blog Designs are a great way to get a custom blog design as quickly and as cheap as possible. Choose a design that you like best and we will customize it with your blog title, tagline and even a picture if you'd like.  These designs are generally completed and installed on your blog within 2-5 business days of purchase. We try to get them done same day as time allows.

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Details: Premade Blog Designs are constantly being updated with new extras. All of our designs currently come with:
  • Your choice of blog title
  • Tagline (optional)
  • Picture (optional)
  • Free installation
  • Coordinating fonts and colors
We are working on updating all of our templates but half of our blog designs currently come with
  •  Sidebar title image -questionmark
  • -Post divider -questionmark
  • -Favicon -questionmark
  • -Post title image -questionmark
-All Premade Blog Designs are for the Blogger platform -You can easily order blog extras (such as social network icons, custom signatures, etc.) that match to really customize your blog. -By using a Leelou Blogs design, you are agreeing to our TOU. -Check out our tutorials to find out more ways to customize your blog -Want to be reminded when we put up new designs and discounts? Get Leelou Blogs newest posts sent to your email or in your blog reader. Follow us on FacebookPinterest, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter!