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Twitter is often described as micro blogging, but it’s more than just that. Much of the reason behind the popularity of twitter has to do with the social networking side of it. It’s a useful tool for making both business and personal connections.
Are you looking for people who share a common interest or hobby? Twitter’s got you covered. Trying to reach the target audience for you product or business? Turn to twitter. Got a question? Send it out on Twitter and see what comes back. It’s a great place to make and receive trusted recommendations. There is a huge online community of people all over the world just waiting to hear from you. So, now you’re wondering, “Where do I even begin?” There’s so much information out there and things are changing and improving each day. But here are a few tips to help you dip your toe into the stream of information that awaits. Selecting a Twitter name. Keep it short and sweet. Twitter only allows for 140 characters, and your name will take up space. Especially if someone is retweeting something you have said. Who should I follow? Follow anyone you are interested in: friends, aquaintences, businesses, interesting people. Start out slow. Follow people you know and who know you. Then as you get more comfortable you can find and follow more people based on your interests. Listen and Interact: Twitter is not your personal diary or your travel log. It’s all about conversation. What should I say and how often should I say it? Readers will value quality over quantity. Tweet when you have something to say. Don’t have anything to say? Read through your twitter stream and look for things you can chime in on. Ask a Question. Answer a question. Share a tip, idea or joke. Don’t look at Twitter as an obligation, but rather an opportunity to share and connect. Be Yourself: As with any type of social media, you should be yourself. You are looking to connect with people who are interesting and similar to you. Pretending to be someone or something you’re not won’t get you anywhere. Last but not least…..remember this: Twitter is public and searchable. Don’t tweet things you wouldn’t want your mother or your employer to read. Take a crack at Twitter. You might be surprised! If you find that you like it and want to stick around, you can follow me @SavvyVeronica. Let’s be twitter friends, because as Clark Gable said in Gone with the Wind, “You should be retweeted and often and by someone who knows how.” …..or did he? -Veronica
At my house I am the wife & the mom. In my home office I'm a Virtual Assistant and blogger. Behind closed doors I am a container-aholic and have a severe office supply addiction. Most wives love to receive flowers, but my husband knows the way to my heart is with paperclips and file folders. I’ve been married for 18 years to an insightful, hilarious, hard working man and we are the parents of 5 great kids. My interests include graphic design, sewing, reading and watching my kids play sports. I spend any and all free time nagging said children --and sometimes the husband-- and shuffling kids to various games, lessons, practices and other activities. I am a Social Media enthusiast who loves to learn new tips and tricks. I also enjoy browsing thrift stores and the occasional garage sale for a fabulous find. You can find me at Local Community Hotspotsor on my personal blog: Welcome To My Chaos
  Thanks so much Veronica! I was so hesitant to start a Twitter account, but I've really enjoyed meeting new people and having fun conversations. I'm still learning a lot about it, but I'd encourage you all to get one! Especially if you have any sort of niche. Be sure to follow @SavvyVeronica on Twitter and you can follow @LeelouBlogs too!

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