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Today is the last tutorial in my Blogger Dashboard series. We'll be talking about the Settings of the new blogger interface and how you can benefit from them. It's a big tutorial with lots of info! Below are some screen shot images that show what sections I'll be going over. Feel free to enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. The first image is what the screen shot looks like and the second image is the same picture with notes from me.

Settings: Basic

Your basic settings allow you to change the title, tagline and blog address at any time. You can also set the privacy setting that allow search engines to pick up your blog or you can block them from picking up your posts. Allow anyone online to read your blog or only allow selected readers to view it. One great feature is the blog authors. You can give others access to your blog so they can create posts as well. They won't be able to change previous posts or edit any of your blog settings unless you give them Admin privileges.

Settings: Posts and comments

Under Posts, you can choose how many blog posts you would like to show up when someone clicks on your blogs home page. Another fun feature is the Post Template. If you have a signature or certain text that you would always like to appear on each post, enter it here and it will automatically show up each time you open a new post. This can save lots of time.
When people click on the images in your blog posts, they generally open in a different window. You can now choose to have the images open with Lightbox. Lightbox is an overlay on top of your blog that shows the image as well as thumbnails of any other image that is on that this:
Under the Comment section, you can choose how you would like your comments displayed. If you embed the comments (which I recommend) you can use Bloggers new feature which allows you to reply to specific comments on your posts. You can also choose to have your comments open in a new page when clicked on, open in a pop up window or hide all comments.
You can also choose who you will allow to leave comments on your blog and if you'd like to approve the comments before they show up publicly on your posts.

Settings: Mobile and email

Set up your mobile device (like a smart phone or iPad) so you can publish blog posts straight from them without a computer. Send your posts to your blog via text message or email.
Be sure to add your email address to the Comment Notification Email section. This way, you can receive an email every time someone posts a comment to your blog. You can also set up your posts so they are automatically emailed to certain people every time you publish.

Settings: Language and formatting

Select the language you would like your blog to display in or give the option to have your viewers translate your blog into another language. Under formatting, you can also select some options on your time zone, post date, post timestamp and comment timestamp.

Settings: Other

Import a blog from somewhere else or export your blog somewhere. This can come in handy if you're switching to or from another blog provider like WordPress or even if you are moving your blog over to another Google account. You can delete your blog entirely on this page. Under the Site Feed section, manage how much of your posts you would like to show up in a reader. If you've burned your feed with FeedBurner, or used another service to process your feed, you can have Blogger redirect all feed traffic for your blog to the feed URL of your choice. With OpenID, people can now comment on your blog without being required to have a Google account. They can use other site profiles to comment.
Hopefully this series was helpful! I'm a big fan of the new Blogger interface. Be sure to switch yours over if you haven't already. There are so many fun features we can benefit from. If you missed them, be sure to catch my previous tutorials and follow along to catch all of our new tutorials!

Tutorial Instructions

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