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Finding balance right now is something I've been struggling with. Between family, church and work I feel like I'm always behind. For the last four years I've worked a few hours during the day and then from about 7:00-1:00 am I would work work work. Then I would get woken up bright and early by starving children and run around like crazy all day trying to change diapers, clean the house and attempt to wash the endless pile of laundry. I do not recommend this lifestyle as I kind of felt like death every day. I knew with a new baby and busy kid schedules that I would have to find balance and make some major changes.
The one thing that works for me is to schedule, schedule, schedule! I'm not the best at keeping schedules a lot of the time, but if I have one it totally inspires me to stay on task.
Before I started working again last week, I sat down and made a plan. I work better one month at a time so I made a planner to help with daily, weekly and then the entire months tasks.  At the top there is a weekly calendar with things typed in that I consistently do every week and then space to add extra appointments and events in. I have a section for daily, weekly and monthly home/family tasks and then at the bottom I have a section for daily, weekly and monthly blog tasks.
I also have to keep my status as favorite aunt, so I made a chart to keep track of birthdays and other important dates so I can remember to send out cards and make phone calls.
I knew I needed to schedule meals too. If I don't have a menu, I pretty much don't cook. Anyone else like that? Without a plan, I open the pantry, debate for 20 minutes on what to make, and then convince my husband to grab a pizza on the way home from work. I'm horrible. I know.
So I've also made a weekly meal planner with grocery list. This has helped a ton!
I'm going to make this a free printable for any of you to grab. Print it off and laminate this bad boy to help you schedule out the things that are most important to you and create better balance and happiness in your lives.

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