Earnings & Template *Tutorial*

We are almost done with our tutorial series on the new Blogger Dashboard. Today we'll focus on 2 features- the Earnings and Layout sections. Be sure to check out my past tutorials to get caught up! First we're going to tackle Earnings. At no cost, you can place Google ads on your blog. You can choose what you'd like these ads to look like, change the colors and sizes, choose whether you'd like them to be just text or have images and place them anywhere on your blog. These ads are targeted towards your blogs content and visitors. When they're clicked on, you earn money. Click on the Sign up for AdSense button in your dashboard to get started.  
Here is a quick video from Google that will explain how AdSense works if you'd like a little more info.
The next thing we're going to talk about is the Template section in your dashboard. Below are 2 screen shots. Click on them to enlarge the images and you can see the notes I added.
The Template page gives you the opportunity to customize your blog by choosing all sorts of things like the fonts, colors, sizes, arrangement of everything and so so much more. This is one of my favorite new features Blogger has for us. You can check out one of my past blog tutorials on how to customize your blog to get more tips.
The Template section is also where your blog HTML is located. Blogger even has a new feature where you can set up how you would like your blog to appear on mobile devices.
Then there is a collection of blog designs that Blogger has created. The top row features the newest designs that Blogger just released. They have some major pros and cons. These designs are very different. Some look nothing like the normal blog set up we are used to. They're fun and new, though. I have noticed that if you use Google Chrome as your web browser, these dynamic views are a little more detailed and look much better than they do on another web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. For example, when you use Chrome, you can hover over the pictures and they move, flip or change size.
One thing that kind of stinks about these fun layouts is that you're not able to access the coding. This limits how much you're able to customize your blog. I'm a customizing freak, so although these are fun to look at, they aren't something I would normally use. They also lack sidebars. If anyone is doing a 365 blog this year, where you post a photo every day, these are perfect! If you have some time, make a practice blog and play around with them yourself. Very different, but kind of fun. The Template page is also where you can back up your HTML. Always be sure to back up your current HTML! Especially when downloading a free blog layout. That way, if something goes wrong you can always revert back to how you previously had your blog set up. Hopefully that was helpful and can clear up some confusion for some of you. This new blogger interface is something I'm really learning to love. Catch up on my previous tutorials and follow along to see new ones!

Tutorial Instructions

Was that helpful? Check out our other tutorials to customize your blog even more!   Thanks!
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