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One of the most important lessons I’ve learned on my blogging journey is that the connections I make online have been critical to any success I’ve had as a blogger. You cannot expect to start a blog, knock everyone off their feet with your insight and wit, and shoot to blogger super stardom.
Blogging is about who you are and whatever your passion is, but it’s also about community.
I’ve written about how important it is to reach out and make friends with other bloggers before. Friendships you make online can truly change the way you write. Friends give you feedback and advice. They share their ideas and invite you to participate.
But how do we find these friends? It’s easy. You build your community. You comment on other blogs. You respond to comments on your own blog. You reach out to people on Twitter. You show people that you have something of value to offer and that you’re interested in what they have to say.
I am currently an Account Manager for BlogFrog, a site that allows bloggers to create communities for their blogs as well as connect with one another via forums and discussions. The idea is that you can extend discussion from a blog post to your own community forums and connect with other communities andtheir members.
Connecting with readers on a platform like BlogFrog is a great way to strengthen your community and increase the number of bloggers returning to read your blog each day. Every time you start or respond to a discussion on BlogFrog you leave a link back to your blog and your community.
Bloggers who actually embed their BlogFrog community forums onto their site actually see an increase in page views and they have the added benefit of keeping their readers on their page as opposed to sending them away to continue the conversation.
SITS is another great site for community building. It was developed on the foundation of friendship when Tiffany and Heather wanted to brainstorm a way to give smaller blogs a voice and some comment love. Today, SITS is managed by Tiffany, Francesca, Angie and myself and is the hub for daily featured bloggers, style, blog tips, education, and above all else, a community of support and inspiration for women.
I have learned everything I know about blogging by networking with people who want to see me succeed as much as they want to succeed themselves. Building a community through platforms like BlogFrog and connecting daily with women on SITS has not only helped increase my readership, but have opened up doors to opportunities and friendship I didn’t know existed when I started this journey.
Today's guest post is from Mama Kat. She is a sarcastic mother of three with a busy home daycare that clashes with her desire to do nothing all day. I was lucky enough to meet Kat last year and she honestly is one of the funniest ladies out there. Love this girl! Be sure to check out her site. She's hilarious!
You can check out our community on Blogfrog.  Thanks again Mama Kat!

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