Blog Stats *Tutorial*

For this weeks tutorial, we'll be talking about the stats on your blog. Using the stats feature is really beneficial and also fun. You can learn all kinds of crazy stuff. Before we start, be sure to switch over tot he new blogger interface if you haven't already. It's super easy. Start by going into your dashboard and click the Stats link over on the left hand side.
There are 4 sections under Stats. The first one is Overview. Below is a screen shot with what the Overview page looks like. The next image has some notes that I added to that screen shot that help explain some of the functions. (Click on images to enlarge)  
  The overview can be really useful in helping you determine what things people want to hear you post about, where your traffic is coming from and even what time of day your blog is viewed most. Next up is the Posts section. This goes into a little more detail on how many pageviews your posts and pages receive. 
  The next section is Traffic Sources. This page is really cool because it tells you what other sites or blogs are sending traffic your way. You can also see what keywords people are googling that get them to your blog.   The last section is your Audience. This page shows where your traffic comes from. You'll be surprised how many countries pop up! You can even tell if someone is looking at your site through an iPad, Blackberry, etc.
All of these features can be fun and interesting to look at.  They can also be very useful in helping your blog grow.  Study your stats to get the most out of them.  If you'd like to learn other features from your Blogger dashboard, check out my other blog tutorials in this series.

Tutorial Instructions

Was that helpful? Check out our other tutorials to customize your blog even more!   Thanks!
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