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Today in our  new blogger dashboard series we'll be talking about the Posts tab. Be sure to update your blogger dashboard to the new version if you haven't already.
The Posts section has a lot of information but it really does make blogging faster and easier. Below is a screen shot of the Posts page in your dashboard.

This is the same image, but with my notes explaining what everything is and does. Click on the images to enlarge them so you can get a closer look.

Take a quick overview of the notes I made above and you can understand this page much better. There is still a lot more to the posts section! At the top of all the options on your dashboard it says New Post. You can always click that to immediately open up a new post.

This is what the post page looks like. The top is pretty self explanatory. Click on the title of your blog to be taken back to your list of posts. To the right of your blog title is the box where you can write your new post title. The following buttons to the right allow you to publish, save, preview or close the post. (Remember you can click on the images to enlarge)

Right below that is a tool bar. When you hover your mouse over these icons it will tell you what these icons can do but I'll briefly explain them a little too.
-Compose is usually used to write a post, but if you'd like to tweak or add some coding, you can click HTML to view the coding of your post.
-Undo or redo something you just did
-Change the font
-Change the text size
-Bold your text
-Make your text italic
-Underline your text
-Put a line or strike through your text
-Change the text color
-Change the background color of your text
-Select a section of words or picture(s) and click this Link button to add a link to your selection
-Upload images
-Upload video
-Ever seen posts that say something like "Read more >>>" This is a way of putting a short snippet of your post on your blog. Click this image (which is called a jump break) and it will require your readers to click "Read more >>>" in order to finish viewing the post.
-Align text or images left, center, right or justified
-Create a numbered list
-Create a bullet list
-When quoting someone in a post, select the text you want and click the quote icon to indent the  text
-If you've customized your text and want it to go back to normal, click the Remove Formatting button
-Spell check your post
Along the right side of your screen there are Post Settings that you can customize too. Labels: Categorize your post topics by adding labels to each post. You can add as many or as few as you'd like to each post.
  Schedule: Immediately publish your post when you're ready or set the date and time that you would like your post to publish to your blog.  
  Location: Add your location to the bottom of each post if you'd like.
  Options: Customize your post some more by allowing or not allowing comments. You can also choose your compose mode which allows you to put coding into your post. The you can choose whether you want that coding to show literally as text or if you want it to convert that coding. For example, my Leelou button on my sidebar, the button image is HTML coding that is interpreted to show the image. The box of coding below the image is literal HTML. It just shows the text so anyone can copy and paste it.  
  Hopefully that helped explain the Post section a bit more. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Tutorial Instructions

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