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Did you know that Blogger now gives you 10 static pages on your blog? I can't tell you how fantastic this is. I'm going to talk about them a little today, so be sure to update your blog dashboard to the newest interface so you can join us!

 Lets say you want an About me or a Contact section on your blog. Now you can fill out a static page to put all of this information in. You can get creative here and make any kind of pages you'd like and even choose to have these pages appear horizontally above or below your blog header or in your sidebar. These pages make it so much easier for your viewers to navigate your blog quickly and easily.

 Creating these pages is a lot like writing a blog post. You'll first want to go to your Pages tab in your dashboard. (You can click below on the images to enlarge them!)

Click on New Page and you can either choose to create a new blank page or you can just create a tab in your new link bar, but have it link somewhere else. For example, this could come in handy if you wanted a tab on your blog that says "Shop". You could link that tab to an Etsy shop that you might have instead of linking them to a page on your blog.

After you create some pages, you can then choose how you want them displayed. Choose to put them at the top of your blog horizontally, in the sidebar vertically or you can even choose to not have the tabs show up on your blog.

In the Layout tab of your dashboard, you can go in and rearrange where you want these pages to show up on your blog and edit them too.
This is one of my favorite new features. Making a horizontal link list across the top of your blog is something most people want, but the coding to do it yourself can get pretty tricky. So it's great that Blogger made this feature for anyone to easily make a link list on our blogs. Organizing and easy navigation are 2 huge benefits to any blog, so hopefully this helps a little. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Tutorial Instructions

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