Blog Layout *Tutorial*

We're back doing a series of tutorials on the new blogger dashboard. We only have two left and then we're done! Today we'll be going over the Layout of your blog. The layout is pretty easy to navigate and understand. (Click on the image below to enlarge)

Let's start at the top. Blogger has a new Favicon feature that is fantastic. Favicons are the little icons that show up in the address bar of blogs and websites. You can easily upload your own image, but the only downfall is that you can't see these images in every web browser.

Below the favicon is where you can upload a header for your blog, change the title and tag line as well.  You can add one of many Blogger gadgets to your blog such as a search bar, labels, hit counters, pictures, labels, maps, you name it. There are tons of gadgets! You can also add things like buttons, social media icons or free blog backgrounds to your blog. To rearrange the widgets and sidebar items, just drag and drop them where ever you'd like. Be sure to click the "Save Arrangement" button on the top right when you're done.  With the new Blogger template designer, you can change the look of your layout and choose how many columns you'd like and where you want everything set up. You can also adjust the width of the sidebar, main post area and footer sections too. One feature to watch in the Layout section is the Blog Post area. Click edit on this section and you'll find some really great options there as well. 
Some of these features let you: -Choose how many posts you would like to show up on each page of your blog. -If you use page breaks, you can customize the page link text -Display the date a certain way -Customize the words like Comments and Labels to say something a little different. For example you could change it so instead of your blog showing 2 comments you could have it say 2 Thoughts or 2 People have an opinion...whatever you want it to say -Add quick reactions for people to click on after reading your posts -Allow others to easily email your posts to others -Add Share buttons -Use a location on your posts -Show Google Ads The Layout page offers some great customizing options. Check it out and change up your blog a little today! If you'd like to catch the rest of my tutorials in the new Blogger dashboard series or if you'd like to see my other tutorials, you can find them here.

Tutorial Instructions

Was that helpful? Check out our other tutorials to customize your blog even more!   Thanks!
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