Birthday Questionnaires

  For the last few years I've been doing birthday questionnaires on my family blog. Every year I interview my kids and archive their funny answers. It's a blast to read through them every year and see what my crazy kids say. I thought it would be fun to make more than just a list of questions and actually make something that you can print out and customize with their pictures. Here are a few different questionnaire images. You can add your childs picture(s) and the text to answer each question.
The chevron birthday questionnaires come with spots for 4 pictures and your childs name at the top. The fonts I used at the top of mine are American Typewriter and AL Hurried Note
These birthday banner templates have a cute Happy Birthday banner from Miss Tiina. The fonts I used are called My Own Topher, Miama and American Typewriter.
You can download all of these birthday questionnaires for free!

{If you're a little less techy you can of course print these questionnaires off and hand write in your own information and add pictures.}

Free Printable Instructions

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