April Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

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Loving this month's Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds!


I'm clearly not one for planning things well.  My kids had spring break last week.  We are also remodeling our basement.  These two things did not go together very well.

One of the previous owners, very special people, decided to finish the basement in this house and had little to no knowledge on how to run a texture gun. We're talking cottage cheese texture EVERYWHERE. It was a selling point when buying it because my boys couldn't make it worse! I'm tired of the popcorn ceiling like walls though so we're skimming over the walls.  Before we could do that, we had to move everything out of the basement. My children's beds, their toys, and more toys.  Then we got to take out all the carpet.  In my infinite wisdom, I cut our living space in half just in time for Spring Break! It has taken 30+ boxes of mud to COVER the terrible texture all over our basement.  We haven't even started to texture the walls yet.

We were going to be just fine. We had lots of stuff we could do outside, right? RIGHT? Cue the rain and snow.   I finally broke on day 2 and crawled into the pile of stuff in my garage to grab a couple of boxes of legos.  Lots of fun was had playing legos.

Our Spring Break was definitely full of showers.  So I thought I'd share that with all of you by adding some watercolor raindrops into April's desktop.

The April font is Lemon Squeeze found in the Typographer's Toolbox. I love the chunky handwritten look of it!

This month's desktop freebie is available in the large and small sizes in both the custom and basic versions.

Leelou Blogs_LARGE_APRIL 2016 desktop-preview

Leelou Blogs_LARGE_APRIL 2016 desktop-basic

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The mobile backgrounds are available in the basic version as well as the calendar versions.

April Mobile Background Calendar

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