Leelou blogs was created by Julie in 2007.  It began with an infatuation, which was really more of an obsession, to beautify and customize blogs.


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about julie

 If you're an every day blogger who just wants a fun new look, we have several different options to get your blog as unique as you. We love to work with business/entrepreneur bloggers to help them set up their sites and get their business branding and marketing established with logos, business cards, ads, etc. OR, if you don't blog at all, we can still help! One of our best selling non-blog related items are Christmas/Birthday cards, posters and flyers. If you need anything graphically created, we've got you covered 🙂

Everyone is unique and we want to help make your blog more creative, more exciting, and more YOU! Whether it's your family journal, recipes, an upcoming wedding or a business you're sharing, custom blogs are the way to go! There are over 175,000 blogs created every single day. Make yours stand out!!!