Well, hi there. My name is Julie.  Thanks for being here!

Let’s see here, what are some useless facts about me? I am addicted to buying domain names. I have about 15 websites in my head that I want to start one day. One day. In my spare time I consume far too many baked potato skins, laugh a little too loudly, attempt to take pictures, read a lot of Fancy Nancy and change dozens of diapers. When I grow up I want to be a wedding planner and I dream of having my own line of bedding and kitchen products at Target.

I currently live in the sticks of southern Oregon with my incredibly techy husband. We enjoy being nerds together and have 4 cute little kiddos that keep us busy. They are loud, like to break dance to a little Vanilla Ice and are rock stars at Mario Kart.

I started blogging forever ago and at the time, Blogger only had a few template options. I’m kind of obsessed with customizing everything I have and I was bound and determined to make my blog more attractive.  I studied HTML religiously, dove into Photoshop, did about 1,403 Google searches and lost about 9 weeks of sleep before I got it just right. Thus, Leelou Blogs was born. The #1 question I get asked is where the name Leelou comes from. When I was 3, my neighbor Jason Johnson couldn’t say Julie, so he called me Leelou.

My Mom wrote it on my lunch sack every day for 12 years. If you’re out there Jason, let me know! I’ll make you a custom blog design  :)

I’ve now designed thousands of blog templates and graphic prints, created a few digital scrapbook kits and lately have loved doing business marketing and consulting. Leelou Blogs has changed my life. I really do love what I do. Everyone is unique and I want to help make your blog more creative, more exciting, and more YOU!

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