Travel Map Templates – Free Printable

I’m blogging tonight from Washington DC friends! The hubs and I are on a kidless trip and are having too much fun in this freezing cold city.

So on the way here, I was thinking of fun places my family has been able to visit. I created my free Instagram/photographic printable a few months ago so we could always remember stories and details about our summer, trips and every day life. Now I wanted to make a printable that shows the places we’ve been.

Custom Travel map with SquaresCustom Travel Map with Hearts

This free printable comes as a 12×12 inch free print. It was harder than I thought to find great map images (if you have any site recommendations, please pass them along!) so I used a random variety of images on the square printable and on the heart printable, I used Google mapsĀ satellite view by taking screen shots.

Custom Travel Map Templates

Customize them yourself with your favorite travels. Hang one on your wall and give one as a Valentine’s Day gift. I’d love to see what you create!

Click here to get the free printable


9 Responses to Travel Map Templates – Free Printable

  1. mel mccarthy says:

    Sorry to pester you with another comment but I found a great website for vintage maps if you’re interested… (by limiting that Google image search to files that are new this week). They have loads of maps, here: (The majority are 200dp but not bad sizes and they’d print great as small bits. Great excuse for a trip to Venice or Holland or… ;-)

    • Julie says:

      Those are great, thanks! And yes, I need to justify an amazing vacation now. It’s a sacrifice, but if it’s for the good of home decor, then so be it :)

  2. Kay says:

    That is too funny, we just moved from DC to Alaska! Your ‘cold’ comment made me laugh as I look out at the snow falling ;-) This is a fabulous craft idea, thanks for sharing it!!!


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