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I have been a blog slacker lately, so I have lots to catch up on. Today we have another Just For Clicks feature. If you’re new, that’s where I round up some wonderful things that I’ve recently found online. All from good old Pinterest of course.

We have been traveling a lot this month and came home last week thinking we were ready to settle in for awhile. Then this cute little chubby baby decided to fracture her leg last night.  Oye. The fracture was the easy part. Trying to make her understand she can’t crawl or walk, that is where we struggle…as you can see.


This story leads me to my first favorite new find. I was in the ER for an obscene amount of time, praying that my phone battery wouldn’t die, because let’s be honest, without Netflix and Instagram, what were we to do?

This awesome little gadget is a portable phone charger that you can have on hand at all times. So if you’re at the car shop, waiting to pick up kids from school, at the doctor…wherever, you’ll always be sure to have some extra juice for your phone. And the best part is that it’s under $8! Love that. A lot. I’m ordering one tonight.



On the go phone charger




Another fun thing I found just today is this adorable wreath. LOVE the yarn they used. I’d probably drop the bunny, but that’s just me. The colors are great.

Yarn wreath

Do these mozzarella sticks not look amazing? Yes. Yes they do. This blog has tons of delicious recipes.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

I need these reusable grocery bags for many reasons. Mainly, because the idea of grocery shopping and then only taking a few trips in from my car to my house sounds glorious. Taking 7 trips to get all the groceries out of my car is a pain. And it’s 2013 so why not make life a little easier, right? They also fold up real small and snap onto grocery carts. I need.

Greatest shopping bags ever

Tell me these Fairytale dolls are not adorable? They kill me. I need them all in giant and miniature sizes.

Fairy tale dolls

For my last favorite find, we have the flash drive with a preview screen. Flash drives are getting so cheap now. We seem to have quiet a few floating around our house. Oh, how I would love to see what’s on them without plugging them all in. I take mine quiet a few places, so this nerdy little gadget would come in pretty handy for me. They can also plug into other flash drives and you can transfer files right there without a computer at all. Very cool.

Flash drive with viewing screen

So those are my latest finds. What are some of your favorite things floating around the internets? Follow along on our Pinterest page to catch our latest favs.

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    • Julie says:

      I know, I love them! I think they sell the patterns. I can’t even thread a sewing machine, so I might have to be my sister to make these for me :)

  1. kerry says:

    Hi, I am trying to install one of your free blogger templates but for some reason it is putting the blogger navbar (sign in design etc ) into the side bar. I have no idea how to change it back to the top of the blog. Can you help ….PLEASE :)
    Kerry x


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