Leelou’s new look!

Noticed anything new around here lately?! We FINALLY have a dreamy new design on our site. This has been in the works since last March and has literally consumed me since then…which is strange because that’s how long it takes to grow a baby. Interesting.

The site is finally how I pictured it in my head, allowing navigation to be that much easier for you all.

Let me give you a quick tour de Leelou. We have our 5 most recent posts at the top of the home page so you can quickly see what we’ve been up to. Over there on the sidebar you’ll find 3 ways to customize your blog: Free designs, totally custom designs and create your own designs!

There is also a spiffy widget that will show you all of our latest freebies, incase you missed them.

Leelou Blogs new and improved blog design

One of my FAVORITE new features is the Freebies page. Go to our freebies section and you’ll not only see every free thing this blog has to offer, but you can also search through them by style, color and freebie type.

Leelou Blogs new and improved blog design

Every freebie has specific instructions with tips and tutorials that will make using them as simple as ever.

Leelou Blogs new and improved blog design

The Services page needed an update, so while I was at it, I also decided to drop all of our prices. All of them. The whole reason I started designing custom blogs was to help anyone who may not have a ton of money (i.e. ME) get a custom blog design. Everyone deserves an awesome blog for an awesome price (or free)  :)

There are lots of new blog extras to order. We have a new section for blog identity, if you have any type of business that you want to get out there. We offer custom print too. So if you ever want cards, birth/wedding announcements, banners, party decor, etc., we’d love to help!

Leelou Blogs new and improved blog design

Our advertising page now exists with many advertising options and statistics about Leelou Blogs. We love working with lots of companies, big and small. They’re what keep our freebies free. If you’re interested in advertising with us, send an email. We’d love to find the best package for you or create a custom advertising plan.

Leelou Blogs new and improved blog design

I’m still working feverishly to get some other tweaks and updates running, as well as finishing a few big sections like our online Workshops coming up!

Feel free to take a look around, grab some freebies, order some goodies for your blog or just say hi. I can’t tell you what a process this whole shebang was and am so glad it’s all wrapping up now so I can actually answer emails and cook my family dinner :)

I am SO thankful for my friend Emily from June Lily who coded this beast of a blog! I emailed her well over 100 times in the last 9 months and she was always so patient and helpful to me. In order to have my new search features, we had to switch over to WordPress. We ran into some extremely crazy hang ups and there were several times where I came so close to just shutting the whole thing down. It was a total nightmare and Emily saved the day. Yay June Lily! Thanks for saving Leelou and helping me not turn to drinking :)  Ha! I kid.

If you ever need an over the top amazing WordPress site, she’s your gal!

Hopefully you can all benefit a little more from the new look. Follow along (all of our social icons are on the very top right of our blog) to get the latest updates, freebies and blog designs we have coming. Sign up for our newsletter while you’re at it! I hear you can get exclusive discounts :)

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