How to install my free computer desktop calendars

Today we’re going to teach you how to install one of my free computer desktop calendars. There are several ways to install them, but I’ll show one easy way that will just take a minute to do whether your using Windows or a Mac.
You’ll first want to pick which size desktop to download. It all depends on the size of your monitor. Either desktop calendar will look fine on your computer, but if you get the one that relates to the size of your computer monitor it will look best. Click on your choice to download the desktop background to your computer.

Now that you have the new background downloaded to your computer, you’ll want to replace it with your old one. If you use Windows, find the Leelou desktop image that you just downloaded on your computer and right click that image. A box will pop up and you’ll want to click ‘Set as Desktop Background’. 

If you use a Mac you’ll do pretty much the same thing. When you right click on the Leelou desktop background image, a box will pop up and you’ll want to click ‘Set Desktop Picture’. Click that and you’re done!

If you’d like to customize your desktop with a picture, click here to find out how!

All Leelou computer desktop calendars are for personal use only. No commercial use or redistribution.  Please contact me if you have any other questions about their use. Thanks!


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11 Responses to How to install my free computer desktop calendars

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sent from Tidy Mom…thanks so much for creating and allowing us to use these calendars! I love the January one :)

  2. Tina 'the book lady' says:

    Thanks for the Tute! I use Windows and the file comes through as a Zip File. You’ll need to open that file by clicking on a link in the left column and at the very top. I don’t remember exactly what it said but basically you are opening all files that pertain to that image and then you’ll right click on the image you want to use and “set as desktop image”.


  3. Tina 'the book lady' says:

    question – I downloaded and set the image on my desktop – but the image is really small and doesn’t cover my whole screen – is that right? It just looks kind of odd. I have an old fashioned monitor and it’s one of the smaller ones. thoughts? It didn’t ask me for the size of monitor like it shows in your tutorial – just had me download & open the zip.

    • Julie says:

      Tina, do you know how to get to your desktop settings on your computer? There are usually 3 settings I believe. One to make the desktop centered, one to make it fit the monitor and one to tile the desktop image. I’m wondering if you might have the desktop centered? Take a look and see if that helps!


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