How to customize your free computer desktop background

Today I want to show you how you can customize my free computer desktop backgrounds with your own image. I’m going to be using a software called My Memories Suite. I’ve talked about it before and really recommend this software if you’re interested in digital scrapbooking or making printables, cards, etc. You can hear me rave about it and get a coupon here if you’d like.

In this tutorial I think I went a little overboard with the steps, but I really wanted to make it super clear so you can see just how easy it is to do. Click on any image below to enlarge it.

First up, you’ll want to open up My Memories Suite and choose to ‘Design Your Own’ album.

You’ll want to name your album and select ‘Landscape‘ as your album shape.

Select that you want a blank page and hit ‘OK‘.

This is what your screen will look like now. Click on the camera icon to add a photoYou can also add from the PHOTOS tab on the right-side Control Panel, or the left-side Resource Gallery.

Select the free desktop download image. I recommend using the SMALL desktop background image that I offer. It will fit the screen size better in My Memories Suite.

The desktop image won’t fit the full work area so you’ll want to stretch it down to fit the screen. A caution will come up telling you not to stretch the image as it will pixelate it. Since these desktop backgrounds are just going on the computer screen and not being printed, that’s ok. To stretch the image, use the little gray “handles/boxes” located on each corner and on each side of the image.  Using the corner handles will keep the image in proportion.

Now that you have the desktop image enlarged, you’ll want to add your own image. There is another way to do add an image. Click on the camera image on the left side over there. 

Select the folder where your picture is located and double click on the image you want to use, or just click on it and drag it straight onto your layout!

Now that your image is in your work area, drag and rotate it where you want it. You can rotate your image by using the corner handles again (when your cursor changes into a circle arrow you can rotate, or by using the Rotate slider on the Photos panel.

Right click on the image and select ‘Send to back‘ to get it to go behind the computer desktop background.

Now that your image is in place, you can add some text. Over on the right hand side you can click the ‘Text‘ tab. 

Type the text you want. You have lots of options on the right hand side to get that text completely custom. Change the font, size, color, effect, etc. to get it just how you want it. 

You can even add more elements. On mine, I am going to add a star to remember a birthday this month. Select the ‘Shapes‘ tab on the right. 

Again, you can totally customize the shapes, change anything about them and place it where ever you’d like.

When you’re done customizing, click on the ‘Share Album‘ tab up top and select ‘Export to JPEG‘.

You’ll just need to do a few more steps. Click next and go through a few options. You shouldn’t have to change any of these options as you’ll want the image to remain as large as possible. 

Now you’re all done! There are tons of extra options with My Memories Suite and it sure is fun to play around with. 
There is a great series of video and PDF tutorials that are listed on the MyMemories Facebook page that can show many more tips, tricks and techniques using MyMemories software if you want to check that out.

If you need help installing the computer desktop, I’ll have instructions for that tomorrow when I put out Novembers desktop calendar.

All Leelou Desktop Backgrounds are for personal use only. No commercial use or redistribution.  Please contact me if you have any other questions about their use. Thanks!


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7 Responses to How to customize your free computer desktop background

  1. the purple muse says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I never would have figured that out w/o your tutorial:-) My only question is how can I get it to fit my whole screen after I save it? It leaves big white strips on either side of my screen. Thanks again:-)

    ~Tammy S

  2. Laura says:

    thank you for your adorable desktop backgrounds. i have 9 grandkids and one on the way. im featuring a different grandchild each month. it is so fun putting it all together. thank you again!!!


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