Free Birthday Questionnaire Printables

For the last few years I’ve been doing birthday questionnaires on my family blog. Every year I interview my kids and archive their funny answers. It’s a blast to read through them every year and see what my crazy kids say. I thought it would be fun to make more than just a list of questions and actually make something that you can print out and customize with their pictures. Here are a few different questionnaire images. You can add your childs picture(s) and the text to answer each question.

The chevron birthday questionnaires come with spots for 4 pictures and your childs name at the top. The fonts I used at the top of mine are American Typewriter and AL Hurried Note 
(download fonts at your own risk. It worked fine for me, but ya never know)

 These birthday banner templates have a cute Happy Birthday banner from Miss Tiina. The fonts I used are called My Own Topher, Miama and American Typewriter.

 (Again, download fonts at your own risk. )

You can download all of these birthday questionnaires for free!

These files are png’s which means they come with holes left for the pictures to be digitally added.  If you don’t have a digital picture editing program you can completely customize these questionnaires by using a software like My Memories Suite and add these questionnaires to your blog, facebook, etc.

If you’re a little less techy you can of course print these questionnaires off and hand write in your own information and add pictures.

If you’d like to learn a little more about My Memories you can see my post here and even get $10 off if you’d like to order the software today! Just use the code STMMMS70575 and you’ll be set to go. 

-Don’t know how to use the printables? Click here for some tips!
-All Leelou Printables are for personal printed use only. No commercial use or redistribution.  Please contact me if you have any other questions about their use. Thanks!


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33 Responses to Free Birthday Questionnaire Printables

  1. RaeLynn says:

    How funny that I would read this on my son's birthday! Thank you! We've been doing interviews every year but I like having a nice format and fresh questions. Awesome!!

  2. r4i says:

    You are genius. Fantastic idea to document what your kids were thinking at each age! I am sure they will treasure them when they get older!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi- I can't get the printables to work for the questions. the files are blank. Do you have a PDF file or something that I can use? I tried it twice already and it won't work

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi and thank you for an amazing blog this is my first time here and it fantastic and thanks for the amazing gifts also bless you and hugs Nana Kat

  5. Becca S says:

    Thanks so much! What a cute idea. I wish I could have started doing this when the kids were younger, but will cherish there thoughts from here on out!

  6. Carley says:

    I really love this, thank you for sharing! Any possible way to have the mom/dad questions removed for those of us who are single parents? Maybe replace it with a general “what do you like to do with your family?” question?

  7. Sallie B says:

    Thanks SO much for doing these. They're adorable and are going to be a yearly tradition for both my little granddaughters! I see that you offered these quite awhile ago…an extra thank you for keeping the link active!

  8. Stacy Kucenic says:

    These are adorable. Is there any possible way that I can get them in a pdf or word document. For some reason my computer is having difficulty opening these format. Thanks!


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