10 Hand Drawn Font Pairings

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Finding the perfect font pairings on a project can take some time.  Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find just the right one. I’ve been keeping track of some of the font pairings I’ve used on different projects and wanted to start sharing some of them with you.

I’m totally loving these handwritten fonts.  I love that they have a calligraphy aspect to them and don’t look like doodles out of my junior high notebook (not that it takes much effort to beat that). I love the clean edges! These fonts are great to mix in with watercolor and foil design elements to make a project look hand drawn but oh so clean and cute.

Quite a few of the fonts came in the Typographer’s Toolbox by Nicky Laatz.  I didn’t realize that until I’d already made the graphic up and started making the links in the post.  But I highly recommend the kit!   I also used her Mammoth Watercolor Kit for the watercolor overlays on the fonts. I may have a bit of a design crush.

Hand drawn font pairings

Grootland | Bacon Sandwich

Lady Rene | Dead Hardy (free)

Mustache | Ignite the Light

Wanderlust | Spill the Beans (free)

Cheddar Jack (free)  | Hunterswood

Shopaholics | Savu Condensed (free)

Olivier (free) | Fox and Bear

Seaworthy | Baystyle

Heartstrings | Noteworthy

Heather | Rustick Bold

Please read the terms of use for each font.  The free fronts are for Personal Use only.  There are commercial licenses available for all of the.  If you plan on using the fonts to make money please purchase the license to do so from the designers. Please don’t steal someone else’s hard work.




November Desktop and Mobile backgrounds

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Dial My Calls Giveaway!

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