June Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Wonder of Wonder Miracle of Miracles!

It’s the first day of the month and the Leelou Desktop and mobile background freebies are here!


This month has been a crazy one with the end of school activities and projects.  I love May, but I’m so excited for June and SUMMER!

This month’s backgrounds were made with the City Lights font.

large custom preview

Leelou Blogs_LARGE_JUNE 2016 desktop BASIC

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The mobile backgrounds is available in only the basic version this month.

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May Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds


  Now that the month is basically half over… here are the May freebies! The last two weeks have been insane! We had a series of pretty stressful events happen all at once.  With the remodel, coaching club volleyball, and TRYING to run a cub scout space derby, I’m honestly surprised I’m not sitting in a corner rocking and mumbling about lacquer colors. We paid to have my cabinets professionally painted with lacquer.  What was supposed to…


April Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

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March Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

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Believe it or not it’s already March 1st! Spring is coming! My tulips and daffodils are coming up and I’m so excited to get outside and get some projects done! Here is this month’s Desktop freebie. Available in the large and small sizes in both the custom and basic versions. The mobile background is available in the basic version and the calendar version.