May Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds



Now that the month is basically half over… here are the May freebies!

The last two weeks have been insane! We had a series of pretty stressful events happen all at once.  With the remodel, coaching club volleyball, and TRYING to run a cub scout space derby, I’m honestly surprised I’m not sitting in a corner rocking and mumbling about lacquer colors.

We paid to have my cabinets professionally painted with lacquer.  What was supposed to be a 3 day project turned into a 2+ week project because lacquer colors are apparently tricky to get right.  Also, I am terribly picky about colors.  We had to paint the cabinet frames 3 times to get the color right. Purple/grey cabinets are not okay when you’re aiming for a Greige color.  In other words, I was WITHOUT a kitchen for over a week. Needless to say it has been super stressful.

Excuses, excuses. The saddest part is that I had the desktop images done before the 1st of May but just didn’t get the posts scheduled.

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The mobile backgrounds is available in only the basic version this month.

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April Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

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March Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

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